Back safe and sound! And link to the complete photo album!

Hi Everyone! The group made it back safe and sound this Saturday! We all had a wonderful time and had no trips to the ER! (Yay!) Thank you all for all of your support during this trip. Below is a link to the photos taken by all of the sponsors throughout the week. Make sure to check it out! With love, Adrielle

Reflection- Amy Manning

Wednesday night: Hey guys! It's Amy. Today I saw God in everyone's smiles even though it was super hot outside but very beautiful . We had a lot of things to do at one point in the day, and sometimes we had nothing to do but we worked together to help each other out and get a lot more done. I learned that even the littlest things can make a huge difference. Today I just painted for the first part of the day, and then for my other part of the day I sanded the deck. I'm having fun for a Wednesday!

Reflection- Brooke Moore from WPC

Tuesday Night: Hello! My name is Brooke, I am going into 9th grade and I go to Westminster Presbyterian Church. Today is our second day of working on a house in Refugio, Texas. So far we have been painting all of the walls and the ceilings in the house and digging a trench in the back. The lady's house was almost completely destroyed in Hurricane Harvey. Her new house was built up literally from the ground. When I first walked into the house yesterday, I saw all the progress that had already been done to the house and I was amazed. There were many people who have worked countless hours to even just get the frame of this house up. We started working on priming and painting the house as soon as we got there. There are two bedrooms, one bathroom and a living room/kitchen in the house, each room with many people working on painting. We used rollers to paint and prime the ceilings and paintbrushes to get the edges and corners. I, personally do not know everyone on this trip and I fo

Photos!- Day 3


Reflection- Jenna Wood

Tuesday Night: It's really hot here and a lot of bugs, mainly mosquitoes and flies. I've gotten paint in my eyes at least twice, but whatever. I'm always incredibly exhausted, so that's led me to almost passing out on a worksite, although I have been getting enough sleep. The beds here, or cots, are squeaky and not very comfortable, but i guess that's better than sleeping on the floor. Other than those problems, it's all been great! Painting with the others has been fun, we had a lot of laughs together. We all went out for ice-cream after dinner, which was a lot of fun. I spilled a little ice cream on my phone, but cleaned it off quickly. A motorcycle sped by and I screamed, then we all laughed more, especially me and Josie.

Photos!- Day 1 & 2


Corpus or Bust! Arrival Update!

University Presbyterian and Westminster Presbyterian are happy to report that we safely arrived at Parkway Presbyterian yesterday evening! We have a group of 19 youth in total and 4 adult sponsors. After a wonderfully Texan dinner at a burger joint, we went to bed early (or as early as you can get youth to bed) and woke up early the next morning to get ready for our first work day! Our work site for the week is located an hour from Corpus in Refugio (Ruh-fru-ee-oh) and is a two bedroom house in its final stage of rebuilding. Our youth worked hard painting primer on walls and digging outside. Make sure to check out the photos from today!